Instrumentation Products/Services

Fiore Industries offers a line of instrumentation products which can support a wide bandwidth of Electromagnetic Effects (EME) testing venues from Lightning, through Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), and including High Power Microwave. Fiore has executed strategic partnerships with Opcom Research, Ltd., (UK) and other commercial instrumentation vendors to create new instrumentation designed specifically for making measurements using a variety of EME instrumentation (i.e., field sensors, current probes, B-Dot, D-Dot & I-Dot sensors) for use in extremely EM-harsh & EMP-Threat-Level environments. The breadth of Fiore’s instrumentation services also includes maintenance (repair) and calibration of all legacy EG&G/URS & AFRL-related sensors, probes, signal conditioners, and direct drive components (including radiation-hardened). In addition, Fiore has combined these instrumentation products with sophisticated, highly-integrated, data acquisition software systems to support both transient and continuous wave (CW) measurement venues. For additional information, please download the data sheets for the instrumentation or submit a request for information through our Contact Us page

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