Corporate History

Fiore Industries, Inc. is a small, certified, minority-owned business headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The company was founded in 1989 with a focus on R&D Engineering, Testing, and support services on customer site. The company focuses on providing engineering and analysis, IT services and the operation and maintenance of test facilities. Our principal clients include the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) at Kirtland Air Force Base and the Center for Countermeasures (CCM) at White Sands Missile Range.

For AFRL, Fiore provides engineering support for target interaction effects on weapon systems and other target assets due to directed energy sources. This support includes vulnerability assessments, susceptibility measurements, and countermeasure concept feasibility development.

Fiore also operates and maintains Air Force high energy measurement facilities and provides upgrades to High Power Microwave (HPM) sources for the purpose of conducting vulnerability and susceptibility testing and verification against HPM countermeasures in a broad spectrum of mission scenarios. Fiore provides program management support, strategic planning support, advanced technology roadmaps, and technical studies on advanced engineering techniques. Fiore also provides project management support to the Air Force, including expert counsel on the direction of countermeasure accessibility and feasibility analyses of various commercial and military hardware systems to directed energy attack.

Fiore supports the Center for Countermeasures at White Sands Missile Range with engineering analyses, test and evaluation of U.S. and foreign precision-guided weapons (PGW) with respect to countermeasures and counter countermeasures (CM/CCM). Fiore also supports Warfighter training exercises to insert realistic countermeasures techniques into battlefield scenarios in support of DoDs "train the way we fight" initiative.

The efforts of the Fiore team contribute to the development of CM–hardened U.S. weapons with the improved capabilities to function effectively in increasingly-hostile battlefield environments. Fiore’s engineering and analysis support to the Center includes countermeasure/counter-countermeasure development, testing and evaluation of:

  • Next-generation focal plane array systems
  • Man-portable IR missiles
  • Threat warning systems
  • Active defense systems

Fiore provides countermeasures assessments of precision guided weapons, test planning and coordination; on-site analytical support; data reduction and analysis; and reporting.

Fiore graduated from the 8a program in 2003