About Us

Minority Owned SDB, ISO 9001:2015, ITAR Certified

Mission Statement

Fiore Industries is a research and development, aircraft/avionics electromagnetic protection, and information technology corporation providing quality high-technology services and products to governmental agencies, national laboratories, and commercial enterprises. Our primary fields are directed energy systems, aircraft and avionics electromagnetic protection/certification, cradle to grave systems engineering, prototyping, testing, facility operations and project management, and information technology systems and services. In support of this mission we will constantly strive to:

  • Achieve customer satisfaction by being sensitive and responsive to their concerns and needs and solving their problems
  • Employ the finest professionals who are committed to producing superior results
  • Create a work environment emphasizing pride in workmanship, job stability, and technically challenging work
  • Develop long-term strategic partnerships with our vendors and customers
  • Be flexible and adaptable to the changing marketplace
  • Achieve a profitable growth oriented company

Vision Statement

  • Delight the Customer
  • Have Fun
  • Make Money
  • Give Back


Fiore's Purpose: Making Technology Serve Mankind... A major objective of the company is to find practical functions for the application of its technologies and core competencies. Fiore is currently meeting that objective by pursuing the application of microwave energy to non-lethal weapons and the neutralization of biological contaminants, by protecting aircraft and avionics systems from electromagnetic (EM) threats, and providing Designated Engineering Representative (DER) services to the aerospace industry. These applications will provide a humanitarian alternative to the use of conventional weapons, obviate the need for law enforcement pursuits with their attendant hazards, assist the aerospace industry in finding product compliance with Federal Aviation Administration regulations, and support Homeland Defense by minimizing the effects of Anthrax contamination of buildings.

Fiore Industries Inc